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We design personalized email campaigns to engage prospects and convert them into loyal customers.


Targeted List Building

Compiling a list of potential leads based on specific criteria relevant to your business. Using advanced data analytics to identify prospects who are most likely to benefit from your products or services.

Personalized Campaigns

Creating customized email templates designed to engage and convert your target audience. Crafting each email to address the recipient’s specific needs and pain points.

Automated Follow-ups

Implementing an automated follow-up sequence to ensure consistent engagement with prospects. Strategically timing and personalizing follow-up emails to maintain interest and encourage further action.

Performance Tracking

Monitoring the performance of email campaigns, analyzing open rates, click-through rates, and conversions. Using this data to continuously refine and optimize email outreach efforts.



We identify and segment your target audience to ensure the email list is highly relevant. We analyze your existing customer data and market trends to create accurate audience segments..


We develop compelling email content and design personalized templates to maximize engagement. We create messages that are clear, concise, and compelling, with strong calls to action.


We launch the email campaigns and implement automated follow-ups to maintain consistent communication. We ensure timely delivery and effective management of campaigns.


We track the performance of campaigns, making data-driven adjustments to improve results continuously. We provide detailed reports and insights to understand the impact of email outreach efforts.

Top Reviews

Check out why our clients love us!

"Big Leads has revolutionized our lead generation strategy! The quality and consistency of leads we've received have well exceeded our expectations."
Jeff MacNabb
Video Producer, Maverick Video Group
Big thanks to the Big Leads team! The leads that we've received are numerous and highly relevant to our target audience."
Derek Hall
CEO, Sisyphus
"Big Leads has helped us connect with potential clients. The leads are top-notch quality, and their team understands the importance of personalized approaches."
Kelly Williams
Sales Director, Layers
"We're thrilled with the results from Big Leads. Their expertise in social media marketing helped us expand our online presence and reach a much wider audience!"
Kory Okumus
Head of Growth, Circooles
"Unbelievable! I never knew it was possible to have so many meetings booked in my calendar in just one month! Big Leads' systems work like magic."
Olivia Rhye
VP of Sales, Layers
"Big Leads elevated our Google Ads game. Thanks to their expertise, our online visibility soared, driving more traffic and conversions. Highly effective and highly recommended!"
Lyle Kauffman
Sales Operations Manager, Catalog